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A Light on Transmission-TheTeachings of Morihei Ueshiba Founder of Aikido
by Saotome, Mitsugi
Published: 2015
Publisher: Cedar Forge Press; 7300 W Joy Road; Dexter, MI 48130
ISBN: 978-1936672-9-8
Abstract | Contents
Mitsugi Saotome Presidentof Aikido Schools of Ueshiba; 1937-Born in Tokyo. Resides in florida. 1954, October-joined the Kuwamori Dojo under the instruction of Doshu Kisshomaru and Seigo Yamaguchi. 1961, April-became an official uchi deeshi at Hombu Dojo under Aikido's Founder Morihei Ueshiba. 1975, May-came to America to spread the teachings of Aikido. Active in the USA, Canada, and France. Initially established Aikido Schools of Ueshiba as an independent organization. In January, 1988, ASU was officially recognized by the Aikido Hombu Dojo Federation.
Content. Preface; One: The founding of Aikido; Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido; Aikido is space science expressed as a martial art; The second aikido doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei; Preserving aikido's origins; Two: The universe as life giver-The womb of life; The eternally active universe; Emptiness is the origin of all form; The universe realizes itself in the generation of matter from emptiness; Aiki is the embodiment of universal law; Survival requires endeavor; Humanity's most important duty: Ensuring the coninuation and prosperity of life on earth; Discovering the agency of the universe within-The universe is the cause of animate life; From Geo-centric theory to a broad perspective based on organic life-How the universe is the irreducible agency of harmony; The phenomenon of life is driven by a greater order; The realization of divine love and the hidden secets of the martial arts comes through discovery of the wellspring of life; Three: The mission of the martial way; Martial discipline is the essence of culture; Culture is a product of martial discipline; Bushido is a practice, not an idea; The deeper meaning of budo; Martial training and etiquette; The warrior's mind; The history of Japan's warrior class; Military power during the warring states era; Martial order in the time of peace: Culture and the martial arts; The spirit of bushido as the driver of the Meiji Restoration; From bujitsu to budo; Oral teachings of the founder: The mission of the warrior; Four: Aikido as a martial art; Beyond technique; Oral teachings of the founder: the fulfillment of one's mission as bestowed by heaven; Oral teachings from the founder: Aikido and Iwatobirake; Oral teachings from the founder: Waza based on aiki are circular; Oral teachings from the founder: The internalization of wisdom, benevolence, and courage; Sword and empty-handed techniques as front and back of the same teachng; Absolute equanimity within relative existence; Five: Attunement to universal will-What is to be expected of aikido practitioners; The importance of ukemi; Irimi-tenkan: Entering into harm's way; Shu-ha-ri; Offense and defense as one; Humility and concern for others; Toward self-transcendence: Blending with the workings of nature; Rules and guidelines to be followed during training; The significance of training with weapons; Embodying the martial way as an everyday way of being; Observe the workings of heaven and earth ; Building a world of beauty; Six: Discoveing the true nature of the world-Conversations with O-Sensei; Transcending individual consciousness; Growth through training and cultivation of mind; Man does not live to eat; Always ready and aware; All is to be found within; The quelling of one's aggressions; Finding value in training; Etiquette as a spiritual discipline; Human fallacy and the ability to use anything as a wapon; When self and universe become as one; Seven: Japan's place in the world; What it means to live in an International society; Imparting direction and confidence to the yonger generation; Indetermination and vagueness in Japaneses expression; Flexibility and the Japanese mind; Is learnng from example just imitation?; Awe of nature inspires consideration for others; The world of intuition that is beyond words; Bringing samurai consciousness back into the world of today; What the world can learn from the Japanese example; Epilogue: In a foreign land; The fruits of my ambitions; Aikido and grass root diplomacy; Two kinds of flowers; The perpetuity of the human lineage; About the author

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