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Principles of Aikido
by Mitsugi Saotome
Published: 1989
Publisher: Shambhala
ISBN: 0-87773-409-7
Abstract | Contents
(from cover) "Aikido teaches a simple secret: the development of a better life is dependent on bettering yourself. Aikido offers no miracles except the miracle of your own existence and your human potential. Remember that you are a part of the universe. To ruin your life or waste it is to ruin a piece of the universe. With your birth you hold the key that opens the door to heaven. The most important duty in each person's life is to use that key and to make his or her life a manifestation of the heaven that it lies within our power to create."--Mitsugi Saotome Mitsugi Saotome-a principle student of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of aikido-explains the philosophy and practice of the popular martial art, which emphasizes harmony and peaceful resolution of conflict. Over one thousand photographs illustrate the basic principles and techniques, including the use of the wooden sword, the wooden staff, and "empty hand" techniques. The reader is given guidance in the proper physical, mental and spiritual attitudes with which to approach this practice and in ways to apply the wisdom of Aikido to everyday life. Also included are lectures by the Founder himself. Mitsugi Saotome is currently master instructor of the Washington, DC, Aikikai. He also travels to associated dojos of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba throughout the country, as well as to Europe to lead seminars and training camps.
Contents Editor's Note, Achnowledgment 1 Introduction 2 Practicing Basic Techniques: Training Mental Attitude and Vision 3 Musubi 4 Ukemi 5 The Sword and the Spirit of Ikkyo 6 Techniques from Shomenuchi 7 Techniques from Yokomenuchi 8 Techniques from Katadori 9 Techniques from Munetsuki 10 Techniques from Katatedori 11 Techniques from Ryotemochi 12 Techniques from Kosadori and Ushirowaza 13 Advanced Techniques 14 Budo: The Original Principle of Aikido 15 The Meaning of Study 16 Aikido as Explained by the Founder and Doshu 17 Mirror of the Spirit: The Aikido Dojo 18 Lectures by O Sensei 19 The Hakama and Its Meaning 20 Beginning the Journey Toward Awakened Consciousness 21 Aikido: Finding Its Future in Its Past Glossary, About the Author

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