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On Mastering Aikido
by Daniel Linden; Mitsugi Saotome
Published: 2004
Publisher: Linden Tree Press
ISBN: 0-9746459-0-7
Abstract | Contents
This book is a new idea in Martial Art training, something that has been needed for many years. Aikido is a Martial Art that is finally ready to assume its place in the Western world with Western Masters teaching it to Western students. With the growth of the art there is finally a text that spells out the principles that have traditionally been hidden in the mysteries of Zen and the spiritual traditions of Japan and China. Aikido is a difficult art to learn. Very few get beyond third dan (Sandan) level due to the rigors of training and the difficulty in learning the essential principles. Sensei linden has applied project management skills to the definitions and techniques needed to master these principles and make them less daunting to the advanced student. He has used the basic form of the dialog to render these definitions easy to understand. The Aikido world is about to change. You can quote him on that. Daniel G. Linden has practiced and taught Aikido for more than thirty years. Founder of the Rocky Mountain Aikikai and Shoshin Aikido Dojos, Mr. Linden brings a life full of interests and rich experience to his teaching. Musician, artist, teacher and traveler, he is a constant seeker and avid student. Linden Sensei teaches seminars in the U.S.A. and in Europe specializing in his unique approach to the Principles of Mastership in Aikido. Forward by Mitsugi Saotome sensei; illustrations by Olaf Schubert.




1. Use the Force, Luke

2. The Nexus and Break Points

3. The Center

4. Defining Aikido

5. On Spirituality

6. On Timing

7. On Technique

8. On Triangulation in Aikido

9. Strategy



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