Local seminars are open to any aikidoka regardless of affiliation and rank.

Dojo is open to accommodations during seminars, however laundering facilities are not available in the dojo (a local Laundromat is available within walking distance of the dojo).

All Local Seminars
2018 Ikeda Sensei Seminar
Friday, February 09, 2018 - Sunday, February 11, 2018
Come train with Ikeda Sensei. This year Don Moock (6th Dan) will assist.
Cherry Blossom Seminar 2018
Friday, April 13, 2018 - Sunday, April 15, 2018

We are very excited this year

to host Mitsugi Saotome Shihan
and Dan Messisco (6th Dan)

during the DC Cherry Blossom Seminar.

2018 ASU Summer Camp In DC
Tuesday, July 03, 2018 - Saturday, July 07, 2018
Join us for our annual ASU DC Summer Camp with Saotome Shihan
and a good many great long time students of Saotome Shihan as guest Instructors!

Last year Camp details are at
All ASU Seminars

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